Grand Opening Celebration and NC Wine Month Kickoff

September 1, 2018 - Asheville, NC 

Our grand opening celebration  was filled with many emotions, ranging from apprehension if anyone would show to relief that the long-awaited day had finally arrived. We started to pick up customers about 30 minutes after we opened and it continued to be steadily busy for hours. I conducted two tours as my parents jumped in to bar back. As the day progressed, time seemed to speed up. By 5pm I realized I hadn't eaten yet but wasn't hungry. The adrenaline kept us all going for hours. The highlight of the night (at least in planning) was music by Lyric. I vaguely remember hearing them as we continued to greet and serve customers. 

When the last customers had left and the cleaning was done, we took a brief moment to look upon what we had created and to think of what the future holds. I am humbled by the acceptance and appreciation of the Asheville community. If yesterday was any indication, we will have the opportunity to share our local product and showcase our local growers for years to come.

Those thoughts were brief, however, and reality snapped back with a knock on the door. It was midnight and a half ton of  Chardonnay grapes that had been harvested while we celebrated had arrived. No rest for the weary during harvest and no rest for our dreams of bringing WNC grapes and wine to the welcoming community of Asheville.


Lauren Turpin, Co-Owner