Taproom Experience

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Welcome to our taproom! We want you to have a fabulous experience and should explain a few things about how best to enjoy our space:

When you enter the winery, take in the art and atmosphere we've created. Then grab a wine list and make your first decision - glass or flight? Our flights are three 2 ounce pours (equivalent of a glass) and allow you to select any three of our 16 wines on tap. Flights present you the opportunity to select those that fit your preference best and feel free to have a second one if there's just too much to try!

Our taproom is full of barrels, high-top tables and a couple of sofas. Many of these items could not be used for their intended purposes and so we chose to reuse them- expect things to always be slightly different every time you come in. The sofas and large metal table are all from Regeneration Station in Asheville, finding new life as a winery staple. We also have TVs because not everyone wants to talk to each other and we love sports!

These items are examples of our focus on sustainability and reuse in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint while responsibly using the land and agriculture at our doorstep. Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are why we keg our wine and serve directly from the tap. Wine in a stainless steel keg will not be corrupted by light or oxygen and a standard 15.5 gallon keg is the equivalent of 78 bottles. That's 6.5 cases of glass, labels, corks and cardboard that do not need to be recycled or thrown away. But what if I want to take some home, you ask? . . . We offer 500ml and 1L reusable glass growlers.

We also sell select wines in cans, which is great for our outdoor enthusiasts. Will we ever bottle? Yes, but any bottle we offer will be in limited quantity because it is demanded by the wine or by a supplier. Our responsibility first and foremost is to the wine.

Expect to find yourself in an oasis where you and friends can relax or party down- make the space your own!

Recurring Events

Saturday Tour, 3pm

Second Wednesday
A Wine Deconstructed Education Series, 6pm

Second Saturday in the River Arts District
Art Tour, 4pm