Why plēb?

The plēb urban winery is inspired by the Roman plebeian community that established the Aventine Triad comprising the gods of agriculture, viticulture, and fertility. These divinities represented values that differentiated adherents from the patrician class. We seek to represent these cultivators past and present who bring grapes to glass – farmers, harvesters, winemakers. We want our company to represent a community of people who support each other and share in each other’s successes.

Our symbol

Roots (Agriculture)     Growth (Fertility)     Harvest (Viticulture)


Why urban winery?

North Carolina is experiencing a resurgence in wine and grape production to pre-prohibition levels. We seek to showcase high country and east coast grapes by sourcing from a variety of local farms, each of which produce a unique agricultural product that allows for high quality local wines with distinct flavor profiles. 

Our Approach

We seek to present our wine based on the best approach for that specific fruit from vine to glass. We will work with our farm suppliers to ensure the grape grown is best suited to the land, and our taproom presentation allows for cost savings that are passed on to the growers. Rather than seeking out a specific varietal or flavor profile, we will simply try to present the best expression of our sourced grapes.  

Our approach is to honor the plebeian spirit by sourcing fruit from local growers, exploring methods of fermentation and wine production, providing a welcoming environment for exploration and education, and expanding the scope of North Carolina wine.